A friendly reminder...

Sometimes we are so laser focused on the tasks at hand that we forget to enjoy the moment. I’ve been busy working on the business of art that I just decided I needed a break to doodle something without pressure and just for fun. As a result, I now have this self-reminder! Don’t forget to skip along the way!


Get to know…my dogs!

Was doodling my dogs and this happened. I love them so very much, even if they only give me a sliver of the bed to sleep on. #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsareeverything


Sticker Fun!

As I’ve been updating my site and going through files, I realized I never got samples for these lenticular stickers I designed years ago. Ordered on Amazon and a day later, they’re here! Weee. Fun! I used to LOVE lenticular story books when I was a kid so this brings back fond memories.

Oh Hi, new blog!

Hello.  Welcome to my brand new blog!  Here's a picture of my most wonderful dog, Gracie.

She's a sweet baby!!

She's a sweet baby!!